St. Mary Magdalen’s Parish History Book, 1847-2022

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our history. To pre-order a book or place any ad, click to setup a user account and password with Jostens. The company is a school yearbook site and the links show yearbook options. The site is secure and has been set up to accept St. Magdalen’s orders.

To place a full page, ½. ¼, or 1/8 page ad

 Ad SizeCose
PlatinumFull Page$5,000
Gold1/2 page$2,500
Silver1/4 page$1,250
Bronze1/8 page$1,000

Go to the “Parents Ad” tab and select the size ad you wish to purchase. Ad files must be either jpeg, jpg, png, gif, pdf or svg. Submit the ad and payment through the link below. You will receive a complimentary Anniversary Book with any platinum, gold, silver or bronze ad.


To pre-order an anniversary book

Click on the “Standard Yearbook’ option to order a book or if you wish to have your copy mailed to you, click on the “Ship your Book to your Home Address” option.

The Anniversary Books are $30 each. The books will be printed over the summer and shipped to St. Magdalen’s for pickup. If you are too far away to make easy pickup arrangements, the publisher will mail the book to you for an additional $7.50 to cover shipping and handling.

An email will be sent to you to alert you that the books have arrived at St. Magdalen’s and instructions for pickup. This website will also be updated with the progress of the book.

Note: You can also make a contributor memorial, write a short line of congratulations, or make a donation at this time as well.


To make a memorial, a congratulations, or a donation

Click on “Love Lines” to make a memorial or congratulation wish. Each entry is $300 and multiple entries can be purchased.

Memorials should be worded as such: In memory of your loved one(s), by your name, exactly as you want to see it printed. Congratulations wishes for St. Magdalen’s anniversary and your name, exactly as you want to see it printed.

Click on “Make a Donation” for donations starting at $100 and increasing in increments of $100. These donations will be noted in a listing of names. Please include your name exactly as you want to see it printed.

Note: You can pre-order your Anniversary book at this time as well.