How Do I Make Coming to Adoration a Routine in My Life?

01-30-2022Eucharistic Adoration

Like any routine or habit we form, we must start somewhere. If you want to start to come to adoration but are unsure of what is expected or how to begin, it is really very simple. Just come. Nothing is expected and the reward is grace. You just have to show up to receive it. Even a few minutes of this loving, silent presence to the Lord is a precious treasure. In this silence, the Lord speaks to us and we are showered with His mercy, love, and graces.

You could start by dropping by the church one morning or afternoon for five minutes-any day you make the time. Jesus waits for you in the tabernacle always.

First, come into the church, bless yourself with holy water, genuflect (get down on your right knee) towards the tabernacle (which is in the center of the church behind the alter), and sit down in a pew or take down the kneeler and kneel. Choose a pew close to the alter or one in the middle or way in the back-you’ll know what’s best for you. Next, be quiet and just allow our Lord to love you and minister to your needs. You could tell Him your worries or ask Him for help. You can tell Him you love Him or thank Him for His love. You can pray one of the traditional prayers you know, or you can just be silent. If five minutes seems too short, stay for ten, or fifteen minutes if you can.

As you get up to leave, bless yourself, genuflect again, walk down the aisle, bless yourself with holy water, and walk back into your life. Once you’ve done this a few times, it will seem very natural. It will probably be the most peaceful time of your day. You may find yourself anticipating the five to ten minutes of each visit you make before you even make it! After you feel practiced in how to make a visit to be with our Lord, plan to come one Friday during the day, the afternoon, or before 7:30 pm while Jesus is exposed in the monstrance in the small chapel. This is different from Him being hidden in the tabernacle. It is a time when you can sit or kneel before our Lord face to face. It is a time of great intimacy and spiritual grace. You’ll know what to do. He’ll be very please to see you again. You’ll be glad too.

So, that’s what you do to make coming to adoration a spiritual practice in your life. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ place this desire in your heart today!