Collection and Finances

11-17-2019Weekly Reflection

We want to share some of the procedures and levels of oversight put in place at St Magdalen Church. At no time do the Clergy come in contact with the Offertory collection.

  • Ushers place collection directly into the safe where there are three or more present.
  • At a secure location, the collection is counted by one of the four rotating counting teams. Each team has four or more members. Each team must have three or more present during the count.
  • A “Collection Tally Sheet”, a Diocesan requirement, is completed for each collection. Counting team members sign this required document. The amount on this document is published in the parish bulletin. These Collection Tally Sheets are kept on file and have been reviewed by the Diocese during audits.
  • St. Magdalen has an outside accountant reconcile Church’s bank accounts on a monthly basis.
  • The finances are reviewed by the Chairperson of Finance Council along with the members of Finance Council on a quarterly basis.
  • An accountant, who also oversees other parishes in the Metuchen Diocese, prepares a yearly Financial Report. This report is reviewed by St. Magdalen’s Finance Council before being forwarded to Finance Office of the Metuchen Diocese.
  • All “restricted” donations are deposited, recorded and used for the exact purpose and intent of donation.