Church Renovation Update

07-07-2019Weekly ReflectionFather Kenneth Brighenti

My Dear Parishioners,

I would like to give you an update on the renovations of the Church. We will resume the installation of the tile in the Church in the next week or two to replace the carpet. The cost of the tile was generously given to the Church by several parishioners.

It is through the generosity of the Rob & Maria Bacino and Insight Private Advisors that we will begin work on the pews and kneelers after the flooring is completed. The pews will be sanded, re-stained and the worn kneelers will be replaced. We are very grateful to the Bacino’s for this generous donation.

We are grateful for the wonderful parishioners and non parishioners that have so graciously donated to our parish. It is through these donations that it is possible for renovations to the Church to take place. These renovations can only happen when generous people go above and beyond their normal Sunday collection. As renovation money comes in we will continue to do renovations to the Church. Prayerfully consider a special restricted tax deductible gift for the restoration of the Church.

As many of you know the air conditioner unit in the Parish Center stopped working late last Summer. The cost of the new unit was $50,000.00, it was through a very generous donation from the St. Hilaire family from Pennsylvania that we were able to purchase a new unit. The air conditioner was installed this past week.

I am ever so grateful for the parish family’s continued generosity. Please know of my daily prayers for you and may you be blessed in the names of Jesus and Mary,

Father Kenneth Brighenti