Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

07-21-2019Weekly ReflectionRev. Kenneth Brighenti

As a child in Catholic grammar school, First Fridays devoted to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was a monthly religious obligations that instilled religious fervor. We sang this beautiful Hymn, “Sweet Heart of Jesus we implore. O make us love thee more and more.

On the words “Jesus” and “love” the melody reaches to the top of the octave and stays there. Even forty years ago “Sweet Heart of Jesus” was a relic of pre-conciliar Catholicism. You wouldn’t have heard it in most parishes, though my pastor resisted the Cultural Revolution that was supposed to accompany the liturgical changes.

Young practicing Catholics today, with their love of Eucharistic Adoration and the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, have no idea how brutally the ancient devotions were swept. Thanks to my pastor and the good Sisters in the school our parish escaped the seventies blitz. But in most parishes, devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the month of June with Its special Solemnity is almost forgotten. Last month, there was a Twitter fight after the Jesuit, Fr. Martin urged “LGBT” Catholics to celebrate June as “Pride Month”. He should stop this. Pride and rainbow flag belong to a secular ideology.

One Catholic reminded Fr. Martin that June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Devotion to the Sacred Heart began several centuries ago. Our Blessed Lord revealed His tender love for us to a cloister nun, who is now a saint, St. Margaret Mary Aloque. The next few weeks I am dedicating my column to devotion to the Sacred Heart. In September, we will renew this devotion, by a Holy Hour and Confessions on the Thursday before, and a solemn Mass on the First Friday itself. If we want Christian family life to be restored in this crazy secular culture, we need to go back to the basic devotion of the Sacred Heart.

May the Heart of Jesus bless you.

Fr. Brighenti