Sanctuary Floor Renovation/The Church is Holy in its Origin

08-26-2018Weekly ReflectionFr. Kenneth Brighenti

My Dear Parishioners,

I would like to give you an update on the renovation of the Sanctuary floors in the Church. The work will begin around September 4th and will last for a few weeks. We will continue to have our Masses here at our Church. Our Funeral Masses will be at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Three Bridges. They have so graciously given us permission to have our Funeral Masses there while we are under construction. Our clergy, deacons and liturgical ministers will travel to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton on those days.


Cosmic Origins

08-19-2018Weekly Reflection

Seton Hall faculty members, Father Joseph Laracy and Father James Platania, served as lecturers at the "Magi Project Summer Seminar 2018" hosted by the Collegium Institute at the University of Pennsylvania. The seminar's theme was "Cosmic Origins" and focused on questions including: How do the Big Bang Theory and Genesis fit together and can one believe in the modern physical mechanics of an inflationary Universe and also in God?


The Integrity of Human Love (Part 2)

08-12-2018Weekly ReflectionDavid S. Crawford


With this background, we can now better understand Humanae Vitae’s central teaching: that each and every conjugal act must be “open” to new life. This teaching does not mean that spouses must always have the express purpose of conceiving a child when they come together. Nor does it imply a lack of “openness” when, through no action of their own, conception cannot occur, such as during an infertile period of a woman’s cycle. Nor does it mean that spouses cannot, for serious reasons, consciously limit their marital acts to such times of infertility, as through natural family planning.


The Integrity of Human Love (Part 1) by David S. Crawford

08-05-2018Weekly ReflectionDavid S. Crawford

As a convert, I am sometimes asked what brought me into the Catholic faith. Conversion cannot be reduced to a simple formula, but the answer for me, at least in part, was being deeply struck and attracted by the truth and beauty of the Church’s understanding of marriage. We often hear that the Church’s teachings on marriage and sex drive people away, but this certainly not my own response as a husband and father.