From the Pastor's Desk

07-29-2018Parish LifeFather Brighenti

Dear Parish Family,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that my mother has been diagnosed with a serious heart condition. She is scheduled for a test next week, once the results have come back, my sister and I will know her options. In the meantime, I will be driving back and forth to Connecticut more frequently to help my sister with the care of my mother. It is because of this, my availability to attend ministry meetings or schedule appointments in a timely fashion may not occur.

I have communicated to Father Walter and our 4 Deacons to be available for appointments and meetings when I am unable to attend. In addition, I will be rotating my days off during the week to help with the scheduling conflicts. I ask for your prayers for my mother and patience for me as I try to balance my parish and family responsibilities.

Father Brighenti