Recent Changes

02-11-2018Weekly ReflectionRev. Kenneth Brighenti

My Dear Parishioners,

With the good weather this past week we were able to address some things around our campus. First, the white pine trees in back of the rectory. The trees were over grown, and causing a lack of sun to the hedges. In addition, they have a tendency to blight when they reach a certain age. Therefore we had them cut down in order to improve visibility and hopefully prepare a proper spot for a little prayer garden in honor of St. Therese. This could be a great Eagle Scout project.

Parish center improvements: the gym has been painted and floors sanded and sealed. We were given a restricted gift to improve the foyer of the Parish Center. The carpet has been there for many years and due to leaks in the past , has become moldy. With the money I can put ceramic tile and new lighting in the foyer. Unfortunately, I do not have money for painting and changing the ceiling tiles. If anybody would like to give a donation, or perhaps you may have a business that can match the donation, please call Carmela at the parish office. I think freshening up this area will provide a nice environment for parish events and meetings, fundraisers and other celebrations.

By moving the parish conference room into the Spiritual Formation Center, we were able to transform the old conference room into my office in the parish center. This will help me to be more visible to our parishioners. This project did not have a donor and came out of parish funds. If anyone would like to help defer the cost of the renovation, I would be ever so grateful. From the Pastor's Desk The Perpetual Adoration Chapel plans are being prepared for bidding for three contractors. It is my hope to have all the bids into my office and ready to be presented to the Board of Consultors at the Diocese by April 15 in order to make the April 25 meeting. Once a contractor has been decided then I hope to start construction over the summer. Mark your calendar for three consecutive Thursdays in April in which there will be a presentation on liturgical art and architecture. Fr. Platania will deliver the first on April 12th, by reflecting on Pope Benedict's talks on the Philosophy of art and beauty. On April 19th, Fr. Trigilio will present the history of church architecture using Dr. Denis McNamara's slides. The third talk on April 26th will be divided. Mr. Vargas from the liturgical office in the diocese will talk about the liturgical aspects of a perpetual adoration chapel and then our parish architect, Mr. Peter Cucci will unveil the plans of the chapel. Mark them down, as I will, to learn much from our patrimony.

Liturgically, we are need a few items to be donated. We did not have a proper basin to be used by the Bishop for Confirmation. This item can be memorialized. I have also found two floor length brass candelabras in the parish storage room. They need to be refinished so that we can use them for liturgies in the Church, such as decorating Mary's Altar during the month of May, St. Joseph's altar during the Novena, Easter and Christmas time etc. If anyone is interested in donating these items please contact Carmela in the parish office.

Again, I thank you for your weekly regular commitment in your offerings. These things that I ask for you to consider to be donated are above and beyond your regular commitment so I am ever so grateful for your continued generosity. Please know of my daily prayers for you and may you blessed in the names of Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Brighenti