How Can We Be More Attentive to God’s Presence?

02-18-2018Eucharistic Adoration

For most of us it is difficult to rest in God’s presence without distractions even when we set out with the intention of being before Him in prayer to rest in His peace. We can go through our days and seem to forgetGod entirely. We must learn that we cannot be with God unless we fight our way into His presence. We mustbe willing to take on the work of searching for Him.

How do we become more acquainted with God's presence? We make an effort every day to put aside 15 to 20 minutes to be with just Him. It may mean rising 30 minutes earlier to accomplish this or retreating away for these few minutes from the rest of the family while they are busy with activities. It may be the last minutes of the day before we settle down to rest for the night. Maybe we could drop by church on our way to do errands or after our workday is done. Perhaps it is a short walk around the block to look at the world He has created and delight in the nature we see.

However we arrange this time, we can start by greeting God and letting Him know the next 15 to 20 minutes are just for Him. He'll be happy to have our full attention. Knowing how long we'll be with Him helps also. We must do our best to keep the time consistent each day. All these factors help with building any good relationship. They help it flourish. Be deliberate. We can open our hearts to His love for us and bathe in the knowledge we are "worth more than many sparrows." We can read a short scripture passage or one of the psalms. We can pray a traditional prayer or sing Him a song. We can thank Him for the time to be still and aware He is there loving us. We can find a holy card or image of Jesus we like and glance into His waiting eyes with love.

Is it really that easy? Yep. When we make an effort to be present to God, He manifests it a thousand-fold. Perhaps our time with God can be in adoration of His Real Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist exposed. He waits for us. Come to Him.