What is it like in an Adoration Chapel?

02-11-2018Eucharistic Adoration

Today, in the United States, there are 644 chapels where Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is exposed twenty-four hours for the adoration of the faithful. There are another 6,605 chapels that have partial adoration hours. St. Magdalen de Pazzi Church is one of these. This is a great blessing for our parish and for each of us individually.

Each Adoration Chapel is like an oasis of peace in a busy, demanding world. All we need to do is walk in and be still. We will begin to feel Our Lord Himself there, personally present, All-Powerful and all good, waiting to listen to all we have to say.

We come, often tired, burdened with problems, or even discouraged. We come ready to be fed, ready to be still in His Presence. We come to bathe in His Love, ready to be healed, allowing His Living Presence to minister to all our needs-those needs we know and those needs known by Him alone.

We come to adore our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist. We come to tell Him of our love for Him. We come to thank Him. We come to beg His mercy on someone's behalf. We come. We step out of the buzz of our active lives into the hum of silence in the Adoration Chapel.