“How present is Jesus Christ in your life today?”

12-10-2017Come Follow MeDarrin Nelson

Recently I was with a friend who was talking about all the invitations that he has already received regarding "Christmas parties". He said "Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it but what about Advent?" Such a common point of discussion at this time of year…especially in the Church.

Advent can easily be overlooked by many. People instead are looking to 'prepare' themselves for Christmas parties, buying presents and Christmas Day. Moments and things that will come and then go. They miss out with understanding that Advent is a time within our Liturgical year when we once again can reflect on an 'invitation' that will last forever, a relationship with Jesus.

In today's reading, preparing our hearts to "make straight his paths" is an invitation from John the Baptist of Jesus Christ for us to accept because Jesus is the one who desires to make our paths straight. Fr Tim Christy, our guest speaker during the 40 Hours Devotion spoke about the importance of being a 'witness of our faith'. He invited us to once again consider for ourselves "How present is Jesus Christ in your life today?" What a wonderful question to consider as we prepare ourselves during Advent.

Does this challenge you? Does the question "how present is Jesus Christ in your life today?" give you some hesitation?Not to worry, here is what Pope Francis says regarding this:

A few words to consider from Pope Francis: Joy of the Gospel

"no one is more patient than God our Father, that no one is more understanding and willing to wait. He always invites us to take a step forward, but does not demand a full response if we are not yet ready. He simply asks that we sincerely look at our life and present ourselves honestly before him, and that we be willing to continue to grow, asking from him what we ourselves cannot as yet achieve." (EG 153)

This week take some time each day to simply say, "Jesus, I desire for you to make my path straight"