Are you open to the unexpected?

12-24-2017AllDarrin Nelson

I was just a few years out of college with an excitement of being a young entrepreneur. A few of us were trying to get into the Import/Export business. We were making some nice business connections and had what appeared to be a strong business model. After the first nine months it was still hard economically and I was trying to decide what direction to take for myself. Then all of all sudden someone appeared in my life that presented something that at the moment seemed unattainable. After asking a few questions it was made very clear to me what were my next steps. His presence changed the course of my life and to this day we remain 'brothers'.

"And coming to her, he said "Hail, full of grace! The Lord is with you."

Many have asked was Mary prepared to receive such a visit? To receive such a message from God? It is a question that most will ask of themselves with their own faith. Am I ready to hear God in my life today? The answer is a lot closer to your heart than you may realize.

"The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you."

God desires to do great things in our lives. He has place his Spirit within our hearts so His grace can transform our heart and hear what His will is for our life. Advent has been our time to once again reflect on His presence and open our hearts to the angels message that "nothing will be impossible for God".

Are you open to have something unexpected happen in your life? This announcement Mary received that she will bear ason and name him Jesus, is for you. Are you ready for Jesus this Christmas?

If you are looking to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus, call or email me. Myself and others are more than happyto walk the journey with you.

  • Happy Advent and Merry Christmas,
  • Darrin