Weekly Adoration

12-31-2017Parish LifeBill and Anne Marie Kelly

Growing up in our respective Catholic parishes in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia and in Philadelphia, PA, we had been exposed to Adoration weekly thanks to our religious sisters who taught us. From time to time afterwards, in the last 50 years, we would take advantage of Adoration opportunities at our Parishes.

When we heard that Father Tim would be having daily Adoration at St Magdalen's we thought that it would be a great opportunity to visit with Our Lord whenever we wanted to, just like we did before. So we would stop in our chapel occasionally and it thrilled us that we were going to begin having Committed Adorers.

We have been visiting with Jesus for quite a while and it is a wonderful way to spend quiet time on a regular basis to adore Him, thank Him for all of the graces He has given us, tell Him of our intercessions and ask for His help. We try to dismiss any distractions to be able to try to listen closely to what He is telling us.

It is also gratifying to see that other parishioners take the time to visit during our time and throughout the days. We pray that the dedication of our committed adorers will continue and that many other parishioners will take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with the creator of the universe in our own St. Magdalen Chapel and we hope in our perpetual Adoration Chapel when it is completed.

We feel peace when we are with Jesus and He helps us endure the trials – ours are nothing compared to the trials that He endured for us. As we spend the rest of our days here on earth, we should spend more time "face to face" with Jesus Christ so that we will be able to see Him in Heaven.

God formed us from the dust of the ground; we should look up at Him in Adoration and thank Him for bringing us to life.

Adoration, whether you are committed to a specific time or if you just make a visit, is something to look forward to. Being with our Lord and Savior is so wonderful – Try it and you will love it as much as we do!