My Experience as a Sacristan

11-19-2017Parish LifeXander Dowd

When we arrive for Mass, we may notice a flurry of activity taking place – someone, sometimes dressed as an altar server, may be setting up items on the Credence table in the front near the altar. This person is probably a sacristan. We asked Zander Dowd, one of the sacristans, to tell us about hisexperience.

Describe the duties of a sacristan. As a sacristan I am responsible for preparing the altar for each Mass. I set up for each Mass by lighting the candles, getting the hosts and chalice ready and helping out with anything else that needs to be done before each Mass. In addition, I can also serve for Mass if needed. This is my first year as sacristan, and so far I enjoy it. I like helping out to make things run smoothly, the chance to chat a little with the priests, and breakfast before the 9:00 Mass!

How has being a sacristan helped you develop a closer relationship with God? Being a sacristan has helped me have a closer relationship with God, because I am at the church for half the day so that means I have time to think about life and reflect on just about everything. I can pray in peace and I can speak with God in person without anyone near me.

Why would you want someone to consider becoming a sacristan? I think it is important to have sacristans for many reasons. First, we know for sure that there is at least one server for each Mass and that someone is behind the scenes making sure that everything for the Mass is set up. Mainly, because it is super helpful to the priests because they can take their time preparing for Mass mentally and spiritually, instead of getting the altar readyand attending to details.

Would you be willing to meet with someone who is interested in being a sacristan? I would be happy to meet with someone that is interested in being a sacristan. I think that it is a great opportunity for a young person to get integrated in thechurch.