Following Jesus

11-05-2017Come Follow MeDarrin Nelson

Following Jesus. We see in scripture that his call to the disciples is not just about learning from him. Being his disciple transformed their hearts, increased their faith and allowed Jesus to guide their lives. We saw this in the blind man and so many others. Following Jesus means trusting his guidance and to be part of the appointed seventy-two he sent out ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. (Luke 10:1). By doing this we participate in his prophetic mission, preparing the hearts of those we bring the 'Good News', so they are open to Christ's presence in their lives.

Again I would like to reference the book, Liturgy and the New Evangelization. "Therefore, in the case of the parish, the new evangelization requires a discernment of how deeply the Word of God echoes within us; how splendidly our liturgical celebrations effect a renewed communion with God and one another; and, how we manifest through mission the depths of love made possible through the contemplation of the Word of God and reception of the Body and Blood of Christ."

The liturgy helps us to reflect on the meaning of "Come, follow me". We are attentive to the words that God speaks and how they 'echo' within us. We are attentive to the real presence of Christ within us and the expectant joy that we begin to receive. This attentiveness then manifests itself in our daily 'words and deeds' expressing the mission of Christ.

Trust in Jesus. He knew what he was doing when he sent out the seventy-two ahead of him. Trust that he knows what he is doing when he asks you to reach out to others and share your faith with them. Be attentive to what is said at the end of mass, 'Mass has ended, let us go forth….'


Pope Francis says that 'spiritual accompaniment must lead others ever closer to God, in whom we attain true freedom'. Who will be the person this week that you will prepare by your witness so Christ may enter into their lives?