Projects around the Parish

11-12-2017Weekly ReflectionRev. Kenneth Brighenti

My Dear Parishioners,

I would like to give you an update on some of the maintenance projects we are doing in the parish. First, we are addressing the roofing needs at the Parish Office and gym. They are flat roofs which causes all sorts of problems. Also, the roofs are quite old and there are deep cracks in them. The company placed a fresh coat of tar and silicone, and with regular maintenance the roofs might not have to be replaced for another 8 years. Our cost was $19,600.00 for the lower roof and $16,500.00 for the upper. This is a significant saving to the parish, since a new roof at the Parish Office and gym could easily cost over a $150,000.00. We are replacing the roof at Hope House at a cost of $4,600.

Since this is the first roof, the roofers can simply go right over it, making this another savings. We are paying for these improvements out of our savings, and it has been all approved by our finance council. The rest of the roofs on our buildings of our campus are ok for now. We are addressing the doors of the church. Between the mason and door company we hope to have all the doors of the narthex in working order soon. The cost is about $3,300.00. We had trees trimmed and bushes removed at a cost of $1,100.00.

Future projects will include; painting the gym at the Parish Center, sanding and refinishing the gym floor. Both projects should total $15,500.00. I have asked our Hispanic, Filipino Communities and Knights of Columbus to contribute towards this project. I was advised that the gym floors haven't been painted in many years so it will need two coats of paint. At this point we will leave the trim to be painted at a later time since we cannot afford the extra niceties.

As I mentioned before, without your continued generosity these projects could not be accomplished. If you ever want to contribute above and beyond your regular weekly offering to any construction project a tax form would be provided to you and our most sincere thanks and prayers on the part of the priests and sisters at the parish. It is your continued stewardship and pride in your parish that we go forward for the greater honor and glory of God.

  • Yours in Christ,
  • Father Brighenti