Being Lost

11-26-2017Come Follow MeDarrin Nelson

How many times have you been lost? Not knowing whereyou are and having a hard time finding your way back.The earliest memory for me was when I was five yearsold. Lost in what a five year old might consider the biggest world, Disney. Caught up in the excitement, forjust a moment I was distracted and wandered off. Thankfully my guardian angel grabbed my hand and brought me to the nearest security. It was scary. But when I finally saw my parents, their love was what I desperatelydesired.

“The lost I will seek out, the strayed I will bring back.”

There are so many ways that we become lost, both physically and spiritually. Today’s society is filled withdistractions that we can easily lose our way. For many, ifwe were to stop just for a moment and ask, “Where is mylife leading me?” we might see how far we have ‘strayedaway’ from a path we are called to follow.

“I myself will pasture my sheep.”

Jesus said that, “I am the way, the truth and the light, noone comes to the Father except through me” (Jn14:6). Weall want to know ‘the way’ in life, especially when we getlost. Jesus is ‘the way’. He was sent to proclaim ‘GoodNews’ that recovers sight to the blind and free the oppressed. Through his ‘words and deeds’ we encounterthis ‘Good News’ that can transform us and help us‘follow him on the way’ (Mark 10:52)

Words from Pope Francis: “The Joy of the Gospel”

“The good news is the joy of the Father who desires thatnone of his little ones be lost, the joy of the Good Shepherd who finds the lost sheep and brings it back tothe flock. The Gospel is the leaven which causes the dough to rise and the city on the hill whose light illumines all peoples.”

Personal Reflection:

What is going to be the light that illumines your path today?The Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, desires to guide your heart deeper into his pasture.Start each day this week asking the Holy Spirit to open your heart so you may hear the voice of the Shepherd calling for you.