Thank You!!

10-01-2017Weekly ReflectionRev. Kenneth Brighenti

Dear Parishioners,

I would like to thank all who have made my Installation as Pastor a truly wonderful event. First, my thanks go to Almighty God, who never ceases to amaze me in my vocation as priest. In the past 29 years of my priesthood He has led me to many different apostolates and duties. Second, I would like to thank his Excellency, Bishop James Chechio for taking time out of his busy schedule and my brother priests who came to celebrate the installation. Third, thanks go to my mother and sister and family who drove from Connecticut to be here. They were quite impressed with the parish and parishioners of St. Magdalen. Next, I would like to thank the staff of St. Magdalen's, the music ministry, office staff, gardening and flower arranging volunteers. Everyone coming together was a true blessing. Finally, I would like to thank all of you for being so welcoming to me over the past three months. Truly, I feel right at home with the good people of St. Magdalen. May God be praised and I look forward to serving you as your pastor. Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

Reverend Kenneth D. Brighenti

Updates on the Parish Grounds

Just a little update on what has been happening to our physical plant these last couple of weeks. Due to your devotion and stewardship of time, talent and treasure, many great projects have been started and some completed. First, we had our parking lot, re-sealed. This was an extensive overhaul that dealt with fixing, filling, sealing and re-stripping. By keeping up the maintenance of the parking lot we will not have to have it resurfaced for a few more years, which of course can be very expensive.

Second, work has been done in the area of the garage. Under the direction of our plant manager, David Beckman, we are fixing the drainage issues that cause heaves in the concrete. In addition, the old garage door panels could not be replaced since there were holes in them and vermin could get through we decided to replace the doors. However, the mechanical infrastructure was able to be retained. The driveway will also be sealed once the drainage system has been complete.

Third, the grounds are just quite lovely. Thanks to our volunteer garden committee they have worked extensively on weeding, planting and maintaining the flower beds and pots. Mr. Beckman donated his treasure to have the pavers in front of the rectory re-aligned. It was done by a parishioner's company, Dante's Landscaping.

Finally, we are looking forward to having the doors of the church fixed. Two companies are coming out to determine the issue and give us a proposal. I have had the roofs of the church, convent, rectory, parish center and Hope House looked at. The rectory, convent and the church are fine. The parish center roofs will need some extensive work. Lots of cracks need filling and tar needs to be applied. By doing this treatment we will be able to add some life to the roofs by 8 years. The Hope House will need a new roof. Hopefully, with your continued generosity we will be able to do these two projects either before winter or in the spring. Of course, if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

May our Divine Lord continue to bless you for your tithing your time, talent and treasure to the parish.