Communion Antiphons

10-08-2017Liturgy Corner

What have we been experiencing these last several weeks during Holy Massat the point of the reception of Communion? Well, if you attend Mondaythrough Saturday daily Mass, many of you bring a Magnificat or Daily Prayer type publication; and as Father is about to receive the Sacrament, healong with the congregation recite the biblical text in their missal listed as theCommunion Antiphon. We find these assigned texts in the Sacramentary andthe Roman Gradual. You have noticed at weekend Masses, we are singingwhat is much like a Responsorial Psalm during Communion. This short refrain is easy to sing – no need to carry a hymnal with you in procession!

Each day our Liturgical Calendar is assigned specific readings, particular psalms, certain prayers, as well as these antiphons. The Communion antiphonis meant to be congregational. Communicants should sing the antiphon(refrain) as well as the choir and song leaders. The purpose is to express thespiritual union of the communicants by means of the unity of their voices, toshow gladness of heart, and to bring out more clearly the 'communitarian'character of the Eucharistic procession. The singing is prolonged for as longas the Sacrament is being administered to the faithful, always ending with theDoxology (Glory to the Father, and to the Son….) You will find the MissalPAGE number posted on the hymn boards so you can view the text.

All music during Mass should be lifting our hearts and voices to God in ourworship of Him in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Please continue your excellence at St. Magdalen's, in raising our prayerful voices to God the Almighty, in adoration, in hope, in thanksgiving, and in unity.