Profound Effects

10-01-2017Parish LifeMeg Snyder

When a dear friend ofmine encouraged me toattend ChristLife, my initial reaction was to politely decline. After more conversation, she quelled my anxiety,and I realized she knewwhat I needed more than Idid. I conceded and em-barked on what was to become a life changingjourney.

ChristLife emboldened me to delve into myfaith and to nurture my relationship with Christand all the offerings of the Church. It hasbrought awareness to the graces that He offersus on a daily basis, and the courage and willingness to accept and embrace them. I havesurrendered my trust and have faith in Jesus asour Savior. Through a gradual transformation,the series has had profound effects on me,bringing peace, healing, strength and meaningto my life.

Prior to ChristLife, my life was like a puzzle missing a piece; incomplete. Christ is the missing piece. I encourage anyone and everyone to take advantage of the opportunitiesChristLife has to offer. My very wise friendsaid, “I think folks will want what, rather,WHO, you have”. She is right!