Why ChristLife?

08-20-2017Parish LifeRobert Behre

We come to St. Magdalen’severy Sunday and take varying approaches to the experience. My weeklyChurch experience certainlywasn’t one that would be written about in books but it was an experience typical of, I believe, many.

When I think back to just ayear ago, I’d have to say my Church experience was robotic and, thus, unfulfilling. The strange thing forme was that I accepted that robotic experience in placeof a real relationship with Jesus. I convinced myself I was getting something from that experience. Here’sthe thing. I wasn’t. I knew that wasn’t the case when I stopped long enough to honestly examine my behavior and admit to myself that I was going throughthe motions.

My wife became involved with an organization at St. Magdalen’s called “ChristLife” that piqued my interest. ChristLife is an amazing program that taughtme how to talk to Jesus in simple terms. Suddenly I was developing a relationship with Jesus through daily prayer.

I never expected the feeling of peace prayer has givenme -- how prayer has set my day in motion and helpedme approach life in such a positive way. ChristLifehas brought me closer to Jesus in the most natural and simple way. I am so thankful for this amazing program in our church.