We are the Pro-Life Generation

07-02-2017Encountering ChristJulia Wierzbicki

The Diocese of Metuchen sponsors a pro-life videocontest annually, invitinghigh school students tocarefully consider a particular pro-life theme.This year’s video themewas the “Power of One”and what one person cando to impact the Pro-Life fight. My youth group director Michele Beckman, knowing that Ihad participated in video contest before, mentioned the opportunity to me. I decided to give it a go and see what happened.

Reflecting on my past experiences, I hadn't done anything major in the Pro-Life community. I was not part of a Pro -Life club at my school (mostly because we did not have one). I had participated in the community, sure, but nothing groundbreaking and that was not really something I could make an interesting video on. Looking back to the theme of the contest for inspiration, I remembered the countless times I was questioned for my Pro-Life beliefs at school and the arguments that been started against me because of it. It was not a happy story, but it was the truth. And the truth was what I decided to tell. I made the video very personal, speaking directly to the camera about my experiences as a Pro-Life Catholic in high school. I also wrote a piano song I titled "Those Lost in Battle," to reflect on the unborn lost as our war against abortion rages on, while I spoke.

Months later, I received an email stating that I was a finalist! My parents and I were ecstatic at getting the chance to go to the diocese. When I got there, they informed me that I was the first applicant ever from a public school. The crowd gave me a standing ovation after my video was shown, something they did not do for any of the others finalists. Although I did not win the contest, I still view the experience as a positive one. God gave me a little push to give a witness to the movement and what came asa result is something I will never forget.

As time goes on, the Pro-Life fight does not get any easier. We need people to make a stand and be proud of what they believe. It is crucial that we come together and remember why we fight. I am going to leave you with the same words I ended my video with: "We are the Pro-Life Generation. If we don't standfor what we believe in, then no one will."