Welcome Ministry

06-18-2017Parish Life

The newly founded WelcomeMinistry at St. Magdalen’s is doing a great deal of good in the lives of those who come to our parish seeking spiritual nourishment. People who are new to our parish or who have simply never registered call St. Magdalen’s parish secretary, Carmela . Once initial contact has been made, Carmela reaches out to Lyn Anderson, the coordinator for the Welcome Ministry. Lyn has ten people on her team who she in turn assigns to reach out to individuals and their families.

Once a person has made initial contact with the parish, someone on our team is assigned to follow-up and contact them.We set-up a time to meet and give them a tour of our campus and try to answer any questions they may have. We sit down and go through the registration form with them, we give them a tour of theChurch, the spiritual formation center, and even our social ministry hub, Hope House. Some of our Welcome Ministry members also bring new parishioners into the Adoration chapel, allowing them to experience 5 minutes of Adoration. After five minutes the tour guide taps them on the shoulder—if the new parishioner wishes to pray longer they can tap their tour guide back. We show them where the confessional is and the back sacristy. The tour is not just a “show and tell” it is a time to really help people recognize that this Church is their home and that they belong here. The WelcomeMinistry is meant to help new parishioners feel part of our parish family, to connect them to other parishioners who may be at a similar place in their lives (i.e. parents with young children), and to help connect them to the many ministries available in our church.

People come into the parish by various ways; nothing is standard. One such person who recently became part of our parish family was Audrey Samson. Audrey was born in Hillsborough and lived there with her husband and their family for many years. She and her husband moved to Florida for a time but upon his passing, Audrey moved back to Hillsborough to live with her daughter. In2016 Audrey broke both her hips on separate occasions and was in and out of the hospital, and thus unable to attend Mass. Despite this fact, Audrey still had a deep desire to be part of a parish community and to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. She reached out to Carmela to join the parish. From there Don and Lyn Anderson became involved. Don, providing aid as the Hospital Eucharistic minister and Lyn as the coordinator for the Welcome Ministry. Don brought Audrey Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to ‘welcome’ her into St. Magdalen’s Church. During his visit with her, Don was able to pray with Audrey and to get her set-up to attend the Homebound ministry, which meets monthly. Audrey also desired to receive theSacrament of Reconciliation and so was able to have a priest come to her home. This ministry is truly a blessing in our parish.