In Gratitude for Fr. Tim Christy

06-25-2017Weekly ReflectionSt Magdalen de Pazzi Parish Community

So many of us could share a particular moment when Fr. Tim offered wordsof prayer, encouragement in times of difficulty, or spiritual guidance whichhas influenced our faith. The parish community of St Magdalen’s has beenblessed to have a pastor with such wisdom and faith in God.

With a strong devotion to our Mother Mary and a heart for evangelization,Fr Tim has modeled in his own life what it means to trust in the Holy Spirit.As pastor, Fr Tim has echoed the words of Benedict XVI by developing avibrant parish that embraces the richness of Catholic Tradition and encourages discipleship for evangelization.

"I encourage all the faithful to renew their personal and communal encounter with Christ, the word of life made visible, and to become his heralds…There is no greater priority than this: to enable the people of our time once more to encounter God, the God who speaks to us and shares his love so that we might have life in abundance" (cf. Jn 10:10).

We offer our sincere prayers for Fr. Tim as he transitions into his new role as Vicar for Evangelization and Communication in the Diocese of Metuchen.

Fr. Tim has taught our community that nothing is ever complete here on earth. We must have expectant faith of how the Holy Spirit will continue to guide our parish under the leadership of our new pastor Fr Brighenti.

  • Our love and prayers remain with you Fr Tim,
  • St Magdalen de Pazzi Parish Community