Theology on Tap

04-09-2017Parish LifeKevin Shanoski

My name is Kevin Shanoski. I am the Financial Secretary for the Knights of Columbus Jubilee Council and a 23 year parishioner of St Magdalen's. Recently, as part of our annual membership drive we hosted a Theology on Tap event at the Lone Eagle Brewery here in Flemington. It was a very successful evening filled with laughs, comradery and insights into our lives as Catholic men and prayer offered by our brother Knight Fr. Antony. This event brought more new Knights to our council than our prior membership drives. It also brought back many Knights we have not seen for a while. Beer and theological reflection apparently go together as well as beer and pizza, which we had too.

Shortly after this event, I read an interesting article that stated a sad truth, as men grow older, marry and get involved in their careers they tend to develop less new friendships and let old friendships lapse. Reflecting upon the article and the Theology on Tap event, it occurred to me the reason for the lack of friendships among men as they age is too many friendships are built around common interests that are transient in nature, a common interest in sports, a sports team or music. The friendships that existed and were developing among those attending the Theology on Tap event were based on a transcendent commonality, a belief in God and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

This may sound like a pitch to join the Knights. It isn't, but if it inspires someone to join that's fine. Rather, it's a pitch to Catholic men to attempt to form friendships with the other like-minded men we see at Mass weekly or daily. In the workplace and the world when a person is facing a difficulty in life others often say trite empty phrases like I'll keep you in my thoughts. What a difference it makes when someone tells you they are taking action on your behalf by saying I'll keep you in my prayers.