How has this Lenten season drawn us closer to God’s heart?

04-02-2017Lenten ReflectionSister Josita

We are only one week awayfrom the most sacred period ofthe Liturgical Year – HOLYWEEK. Perhaps it is time to reflect upon how we have deepened our relationship withJesus during these previous four weeks of Lent. How has this Lenten season drawn us closer toGod’s heart? God is always inviting us to make the choice over and over again to growin our desire to live in His Love, reflect that Love to others,and most importantly to allow His Love to transform ourhearts and actions.

During this last week before Palm Sunday, we hear thepowerful story of Jesus standing before the tomb of Hisfriend Lazarus and calling him to “Come out!”. Jesus didnot ‘resurrect’ Lazarus, but rather ‘re-animated’ him, sinceat some point Lazarus would have to die again. Would that we all could be ‘re-animated’ and get another chance at living life more deeply, growing in love, and witnessing toour faith and love for God! Oh wait; WE HAVE THATOPPORTUNITY EACH DAY and EACH MOMENT OFEVERY DAY! There is truly no ‘time limit’ with God.Every moment holds possibilities for opening our heartsand lives to God.

Questions to reflect on this week:

  • How have I experienced a 're-animation' in living my life?
  • Do I trust God with my life now, no matter what is happening in history and in my small part of the world?