Rise, and do not be afraid.

03-12-2017Lenten ReflectionSister Josita

In this week's Gospel, Jesus reveals His glory to three of His disciples. This incident is in stark contrast with the chapter before when Jesus predicts that His Passion—that He will suffer and die on a cross. Peter is indignant that such a thing should occur. In order to strengthen the disciples before this suffering Jesus takes Peter, James, and John up the mountain and before their eyes He is transfigured, meaning that His appearance was "as radiant as light and shining like the sun." Jesus was suddenly seen with Moses and Elijah, two giants in the history of Judaism who gave great hope to their people. Peter wants to stay in that moment and place rather than face the prediction of the cross with its suffering and death. The disciples fell prostrate in fear yet Jesus touches them and says "Rise, and do not be afraid." They look up, and "they saw no one else but Jesus."

We also need to ponder these words during this season of Lent. When we feel confused, desolate, uncertain, and lost, this is when we need to redirect our
attention to Jesus. Lent, like life, has its share of glory as well as difficult times. It is a time for repentance and for intimate experiences with Jesus.

This week take time to reflect on these questions so that Jesus, the Christ, may become the Light at the center of our lives and shine brightly in our world.

Am I ready to 'look up and see only Jesus'?
Do I feel that He is the center of my life? If not, why not?
If so, why? If so, how is this reflected in my actions?