Interview with Fr. Thomas Daily

03-05-2017Encountering ChristFr. Thomas Dailey

Fr. Thomas Dailey will be giving reflections for our parish’s Lenten Mission on Sunday March 12, 13, and 14 at 7pm.

1. When did you first realize that Jesus was more than a person in history or a religious figure, but your savior and friend?

With my fading memory, I cannot point to such a moment of first realization. However, I do know that the Lord has actively guided my life in many ways. Through a priest who taught me in high school, I was encouraged to discern a vocation to the priesthood, which I became convinced was the path on which God was calling me. Through encounters with other people along the way, I have come to know the gentle and merciful hand of God at work in the world and in my life. Through varied opportunities in my work I have come to experience the peace that radiates from conforming to God's will for me.

2. How did you decide to write a book on the spiritual life? What has been the most helpful tool for you in your own personal prayer life?

It is actually my second book on the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales! His Spiritual Directory was taught to us at a "young" age, in terms of our formation in the religious life. It has always fascinated me with its simplicity and power for sanctification. After much research on it and teaching about it, and from many encounters with the Sisters of the Visitation of Holy Mary who are the living embodiment of that little book, I thought the time was right to put all my notes and thoughts together into a book. I also thought it would be a valuable contribution to the spirituality of the laity in this time of the new evangelization. As for the helpful tools explored in that book, without doubt the "direction of intention" is most helpful.

3. How has St. Francis de Sales been a guide for you in the spiritual life? What lessons has he taught you in your priesthood?

Considering I had never even heard of St. Francis de Sales before joining a religious order for whom he is the patron saint, the breadth and depth to which he has since guided me is actually all encompassing. The lessons are far too many to recount in this short space, but one admonition of his does capture it all: "Let us be what God wants us to be, provided we are His, and let us not be what we would like to be, contrary to His intention." Doing so is a daily task, but that aim is what has helped me to live each day well.