See as God Sees

03-26-2017Lenten ReflectionSister Josita

This Sunday's readings are focused on the call "to see as God sees". This is not an easy task since we are frequently influenced by the values and attitudes of our culture and the world. The first reading from the Book of Samuel relates how the Israelites demand to "have a King, just like all the other nations." Up to this point, the people had looked to God as their King and the prophets as the Lord's messengers. Gradually, however, the people became dissatisfied with the prophet Samuel and wanted to be governed, not through the prophets but by an earthly king. When Samuel told God this, He replied, "They have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them." God's greatest gift of love to humanity is free-will. God does not take back this gift of free-will even when our decisions will hurt others and ourselves. The people of Israel were blind to the ramifications of their request and to what God had done for them. Yet God constantly seeks to enlighten and lead His peopleback to Himself.

This theme of "blindness" continues in the Gospel, John 9:1-41. Here we have both the spiritual and physical healing of a man born blind. Unlike the Israelites of old, this man heeds the call "to see as God sees." The blind man must confirm and defend his healing to the Pharisees, the townspeople, and even his family. Through each defense, he grows bolder in his faith inJesus.

This week's readings leads us to reflect on the following questions:
How do I bring the presence of Jesus' love and light to others?
In what areas of my life is God still wanting to shed light?