Project Hope House 2017

03-19-2017Parish Life

St. Magdalen's 7th and 8th grade Confirmation students are again sponsoring "Project Hope House"; an effort to collect groceries and basic toiletries for Hope House, our parish's hub for social outreach, which support over 85 families. Please join our students in this corporal work of mercy by taking a purple reusable grocery bag and filling it up with items found on the grocery list inside. Return the bag in the narthex in the wooden bins. Thoughts from our 8th grade students on why Project Hope House is important for our parish:

"It is important to give and help others because it not only will benefit their lives, but will brighten up your spirit, making you feel better about yourself."—Alex Simone

"Hope House helps citizens all over Hunterdon County and you can be part of it to make a difference."—Ethan Blanda

"People should give and donate to the Church to make sure that they are fulfilling their duty as a Catholic and that they are living up to their full potential as a child of God."—Matthew D'Alessandro

"Help others succeed."—Brendan Walsh

"Spread your faith and help people in need."—Jacyln Horbacz

"Don't let your faith lack, give back."—Olivia Groh

"The faith is something strong and helping others will make it stronger."—Sierra Probst

"It is important to give to Project Hope House because you are doing God's work by giving your surplus to those in need."— Steph Bart

"It's important to participate in something like this so that we can be grateful for what we have and reflect on everything."—Allison Przybylko

"Overall, doing this will help those in need and benefit the society as a whole. This is important because this is something that God wants us to do."—Claudia D'Alessandro

"For lent this year spread some cheer and donate to Project Hope House."—Kaitlyn MacDonald

"Its's important because it helps the people who aren't as fortunate as you and it will make you feel better."—Nick Czarnecki