An Encounter with Three Movements

03-19-2017Lenten ReflectionSister Josita

This Sunday's gospel from John 4:4-42 is the longest recorded conversation Jesus had with anyone… And what a conversation it is! One author has titled it "An Encounter with Three Movements," comparing it to a symphony.

In the FIRST MOVEMENT Jesus gradually discloses Himself to an unsuspecting woman, drawing her to discover His significance for her life. She approaches the well where Jesus appears to be resting and waiting for someone, He suddenly says, "Give me a drink." She is caught off guard because a Jewish man would never speak to a woman in public…and never to a Samaritan woman. As the conversation unfolds, the woman becomes increasingly intrigued yet remains guarded.

The SECOND MOVEMENT begins when Jesus offers the woman "living water". As the conversation continues, it becomes clear that He knows about her irregular situation. Despite the fact that He shows no inclination to condemn, He does call her to conversion. The woman seems very attentive and Jesus finally discloses His identity as the Messiah.

The THIRD MOVEMENT opens as the disciples return to the well. The woman, overjoyed by her encounter with Jesus, runs back to her village. She leaves her water jars behind. The movement ends with her courageous proclamation to the townspeople to "COME AND SEE" the Man who has changed her life!

Her challenging and honest encounter with the merciful Jesus has transformed her life! He can do the same for each one of us…over and over and over!

Lenten Reflection by Sister Josita

This week take time to have a 'heart-to heart' encounter with Jesus: Tell Him what you are feeling and desiring at this time in your life. Listen to what He tells you…trust that He loves you very much!