Recognizing Jesus in Those We Serve

02-12-2017Parish LifeSr. Faustina

Before coming to St. Magdalen’s I had always been a teacher, but now God is asking me to try something new. The first week I was at Hope House I felt I was in the middle of a whirlwind; I had no idea what God was asking of me! I was so nervous; I could not even sleep. Finally, I just told the Lord, “Jesus I don’t know what to do, you have to help me.” He did. He guides me and He gives me people to help when I do not know the answers myself. I really love the work I do here, even more than I loved teaching.

Hope House provides food and other necessities for people in need. We also provide for their spiritual needs. When someone comes to the door, I sit down with them and ask if they belong to the parish. If not, I invite them to consider joining our parish family.  Some ask for help with having their children in faith formation classes. I help them with that also. I listen to their stories and they tell me about their family situations.  Being with them brings me a lot of joy. My heart is often moved and I come to love them. It is as if we become part of their family. Since I have come to Hope House, we are working together with Family Success to help them manage their money and work with a budget. I also direct them to Carmel at the Family Success Center if there is a need for tutors for the children after school

Just as Jesus sent the apostles two by two to preach in the villages, so Fr. Walter and I are now trying to make a home visit to everyone we serve at Hope House. Fr. Walter hears people’s confessions while I visit with the others, pray with them, and just check to see how they are doing.

I could never do all of this by myself.  God has sent wonderful and generous volunteers who minister with me through their work at Hope House.  Occasionally we have discussions together where we focus on seeing the face of God in those we serve. That is what is at the heart of evangelization. Our role is to serve but OUR RESPONSIBILITY IS TO LOVE! I remind them that what we give is important but HOW WE GIVE is even more important. People come here for food, but they also receive spiritual nourishment and receive a sense of belonging to a family. Hope House helps people to become part of our community and part of the family of the Church.