Prayer “Buddies” Across the Ages Make for a Special Christmas

01-22-2017Parish LifeMonika Szmul

An 8th grade CCD class led by Mrs. Vizzoni and Mrs. Metcalf is doing a very unconventional form of stewardship for Confirmation this year: becoming prayer buddies with St. Magdalen’s homebound members. Since September, each has exchanged notes introducing him or herself, and each are encouraged to pray daily for his/her prayer “buddy.” As well, the students are baking cupcakes and cookies for the seniors to enjoy at their bi-weekly homebound meetings.

Christmas was special for the prayer buddies, as both students and seniors worked very hard to give each other a meaningful gift. One student in the class and her mom even made tissue holders for every homebound.

Pictured are the 8th grade students holding gift bags which included letters written by the elderly about their faith journeys.

Mrs. Metcalf and Mrs. Vizzoni are very proud of their 8th grade students who said the following about their homebound prayer buddies:

“It was fun to get and prepare the gifts and it was even better to pray for them.”

“It made me feel good that I could help others. It is also so nice that they gave to us and are thinking of us.”

“It made me closer to God through connecting with my homebound prayer partner.”

“It impacted me by allowing me to care for others. Usually I would only get presents for the giving tree and I didn’t know who the gifts were going to, but knowing who the presents are for, let me connect to them on a deeper level.”

“We worked for a cause and it made me think that I was not doing this for myself but for others so they feel appreciated.”

“Giving gifts to other people made me happy. It made me think of how much I have and that I should be thankful.”

“This helped me to understand how much giving and praying for people can make a difference.”

Mrs. Vizzoni and Mrs. Metcalf look forward to continuing to pray with their students for their senior prayer buddies the rest of the year. The Homebound and the youth are mutually benefiting from one another.