Experiencing the Lord in Youth Ministry

01-29-2017Parish Life

The St. Magdalen’s Youth Ministry sponsored a Fall retreat this past November for all high school students. Over 35 youth from our parish participated in prayer, fellowship, and instruction. When Michele Beckman, the Coordinator of Youth Ministry, asked the participants to describe their experience, they had this to say:

What did you take away from the Fall retreat? What did the Lord specifically teach you?
“The Lord taught me to trust Him. With so many stresses and pressures in society today, it can be impossible to try to manage it all alone. When we leave our problems and worries with God, He takes care of us in His own time. Only when we trust in Him do we find true peace.”

 “I found out that God has a specific plan for me that was created even before my conception. This was a crucial part to my retreat because of the theme: ‘Diamonds’. Through the retreat, I experienced the reality that God made me for Him, and how He was trying to make us brilliant. He also taught me to learn to pray in certain ways, and how to keep effectively praying.”

 “That no matter what I’ve done, God still loves me and always will. It can be hard to believe that sometimes, because we continuously dwell on our pasts when we need to think about the future. We need to move on and continue with life. God will always be there for us, through everything.”

What was the most powerful moment of the retreat for you and why?
“The most powerful moment of the retreat was undoubtedly Adoration. When more and more people were being forgiven of their sins, there was a notable change in the atmosphere. People felt lighter and the group as a whole was so much happier. It was amazing to be able to witness that change.”

“The Fall retreat touched me especially during the play put on by the core team. The reason for this is that it really emphasized that Jesus will always be there for you in times of struggle.”
“Adoration because I felt like I had a direct, unblocked link with God.”

 “Adoration, hands down, because God was able to silence our minds and even more focus it on Him and talk to us.”

“The last five minutes of adoration really hit me. I was totally on fire through the whole thing, and then at the end one of my friends asked me if I was okay. I started crying and praying really hard because I realized that I wasn’t okay and that someone really did care.”