Asking New Questions

01-08-2017ChristLifeJamie Parmese

Admittedly, I was only able to attend one session during the ‘Discovering Christ’ series of ChristLife, due to sickness. Yet by taking the questions we discussed in the first session and meditating upon them on my own time in the following weeks, I still experienced a change in how I view my relationship with Christ. Pondering these questions helped me to realize that I needed to re-evaluate my relationship with Him.

As a very busy lady who loves to fill up my schedule to the maximum, it is very hard for me to ‘give myself permission’ to make time for Jesus. Just to speak with Him. Just to love Him. Just to adore Him. I have always been a Catholic, and I intend to stay one, but too often, my mind and body are so much on overdrive that I find myself just going through the motions, even robotically following the rituals of the faith.

Besides the heartfelt testimonies, brave honesty, and sweet fellowship from everyone at my table of young adults at ChristLife, what struck me the most was the documentary on the atheist-turned-priest who said that once he admitted that Jesus is the Son of God, there was no turning back. When we acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God, we must re-evaluate our lives and conform to God’s standards. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I have often taken Christ for granted. I will struggle not to take Him for granted, in my daily drudgeries and joys. The struggle is worth it if it means knowing Him on a deeper level.