Lessons from “Back from the Dead”

12-04-2016Parish LifeLaura Wierzbicki

So I sat in the back of church, right by the door, and no one noticed me. Curly hair, black pants and boots, blood red lipstick. And still, no one noticed me. Some people made brief eye-contact, but did not recognize me. My entire 8th grade CCD class walked right next to me and no one even looked over. And I thought, "This is how Satan gets the job done. They don't even know I'm here." I was waiting, of course, for the performance of "Back From The Dead: The Last Four Things" to begin, and I was playing the Devil.

In my monologue, I speak about how my "friends" can't even see me; "They don't even know I exist." After the performance, I spoke with my CCD class about my observations and how many people today consider the Devil to be imaginary--some kind of scary character that makes a great Halloween costume but has no basis in reality. And that is how Satan succeeds. If he isn't real, what do we have to be on guard for? Satan relies on our unbelief to plant his seeds of doubt and temptation in our hearts. Somehow, it's easy to believe in God, but seems almost ridiculous to believe in an entity like Satan. The truth is there is no light without the dark, and the Devil is very, very real. He is also very cunning and provides us with great rationalizations for an abundance of sins. As I said in my monologue, the Devil "knows all your weaknesses" and he "tells you what you want to hear." He makes it all seem so easy. I hope and pray that through the performance, our CCD students understand a little more about the true presence of evil in the world. We all have to be vigilant and keep our guard up, to fill our being with the desire to serve God. So that there is no room at all for Satan in our hearts.

The “Back from the Dead” performance is a series of monologuesgiven by characters who have experienced ‘The Last Four Things’ afterdeath, namely: judgement, heaven, hell, or purgatory. Members of theparish memorized lines and wore costumes, taking on the persona ofsaints who saw hell, a soul who was in purgatory, and saints who areexperiencing heaven. The Monday night 8th grade CCD students participated in this event in addition to other members of the parish.