Recognizing God’s Blessings

10-30-2016Parish LifeMonika Szmul

For two weeks in mid-June St. Magdalen’s hosts homeless families in the Family Promise program. Each family has a room in the Spiritual Formation Center. Air mattresses,bedding, and towels are provided. Volunteers greet the families upon arrival, others bring a meal. Youth Group members or volunteer's children spend time with the children and two volunteers sleep over each night. My daughter joined me for my first overnight. We slept well until about 6:50 the next morning when we heard the tap-tap of feet above us going to 7 am Mass. My daughter just wanted to sleep in and my comment to her was to thank God that we have a home to go to and that we will sleep in our own beds again the next night. Just imagine what it is like to move from place to place, to spend a week or two here and then move on again.

Meal times were a lot of fun. Volunteers brought a complete meal for all to enjoy buffet style – and everyone, including the volunteers were encouraged to sit down together and eat and share their day. I think the highlight for the children staying over was when the children of the volunteers brought balls and games to play with after dinner.

We take so much for granted! Our jobs, our stuff,our homes, our own beds, our daily foods, and even our favorite meals. I slept over one night and brought one meal, and I quickly realized how God blesses my life every day and just how thankful I am.