Looking to Our Lady as a Model for Life

10-16-2016Parish LifeEva Jane Woodruff

Whenever I pray the Joyful Mysteries of the rosary I am aware, not only of the sacred moments which made up the life of Our Lord, but also of my own 'joyful mysteries' with my three daughters. When I meditate upon the Annunciation, I think about being in the doctor's office hearing, yes, I was indeed pregnant! I felt such joy and gratitude that my husband, Robert, and I would soon be entrusted with new life.

Meditating upon Mary's Visitation to her cousin Elizabeth, I recall my excitement in bringing the good news of my pregnancy to my sister, Joann. The Nativity of Our Lord brings to mind the first moment I held each of my daughters in the hospital - sheer joy and thanksgiving welled up in my heart and how I could not stop smiling! Reflecting upon the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, I think about the moment we brought our girls to be baptized—realizing, in my heart and soul, that was the day on which they were really born, as children of God; I still get chills remembering the words of the priest, "I claim this child for Christ." Life is a gift and it is beautiful. The life of our three daughters has brought me great joy. I am grateful to have Our Lady as a model of what it means to cherish this gift of life.