Battling Beside Jesus

10-02-2016Parish LifeBruce Debacco

So often I forget that my spiritual life, my whole life really, is a battle. A battle that is fought in the spiritual arena and can only be fought with spiritual weapons. For me it is a battle for my mind, and how easily my mind gets distracted! How quick I am to run off to some "good" and even wholesome thing, while leaving the "best" for another day (which often never comes). How easy it is for me to be a Martha, busy about many things. How easy it is for me to get fooled into thinking I can find peace, joy and happiness, even rest and contentment in "other things" or other places rather than at the feet of Jesus. But God never abandons us and He continually provides means and ways for us to walk with Him one such way, for me, has been through my involvement in the ChristLife initiative.

Recently I was reviewing one of the ChristLife videos and was reminded of a principal and a spiritual tool, something I had long ago forgotten. It was a practice for living a victorious Christian life. I realized that I had neglected to fully utilize this 'tool' in the treasury of weapons available for a Christian in battle. The practice was so plain and simple, given in an easy to understand way without a lot of complex or difficult thoughts to try to follow through on.

When I got home after that training session I was immediately faced with an opportunity to apply what I had just learned. Amazingly it worked right away!! The freeing results were fantastic. Over the next few days I used this spiritual tool and principal over and over again with the same results. It has become a life changing experience for me. How thankful I am for ChristLife and for the many ways which the Lord equips me to "fight the good fight" beside Him.