Part of God’s Family

09-25-2016Parish LifeSr. Faustina

I am a Sister of Christian Charity. In my family of 10 children I was the eighth. I had the example of my two brothers becoming priests and one sister who joined the Sisters of Providence. I was very much influenced by the joy, kindness, and selflessness of their lives.

In 1998 I came to Canada with one of my brothers who was a priest. He supported me in my search for a community of religious sisters to join so I could serve God's people. I began my search on the internet and found the Sisters of Christian Charity, whom I joined in 2011.

Saint Magdalen de Pazzi parish is my second mission. I came for an interview with Father Tim and at the same time I met a number of people in the parish. They were so welcoming that I felt that being here would be like a family. In the Vietnamese culture the family is the center of love and is led by God to serve others, so I feel God led me here. This is now my family.

Eucharistic Adoration: Joy in God’s Presence

09-25-2016Eucharistic Adoration

Joy in Love

There are times when Adoration may be challenging: moments when you experience dryness, distraction, and even darkness—but there are also moments of abundant joy! The more we comebefore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the more our hearts are expanded to receive Him and we willdesire more and more time in His presence. St. Teresa of Avila described prayer as “taking time frequently to be alone with Him who we know loves us.” Going to Adoration provides not onlypeace but pure joy—the joy that can only result when we know we are in the presences of someonewho sees us for who we are and who loves us completely.

Becoming Fit in Your Faith

09-18-2016ChristLifeBarb Urcinas

In his homily a few weekends ago, Deacon Stephen spoke about how entering the narrow gate requires us to be fit. But how do we become fit? Pushups and interval training aren’t mentioned in the Bible. One way to become more fit in our faith will begin here at St. Magdalen’s on September 20, with the ChristLife initiative.

When I was invited to attend the first meeting for ChristLife, I didn’t know what to expect. I was rather busy with religious education and choir already –was there time in the schedule for another activity? But I was curious – this was different from a bible study, and there would be dessert! I decided to attend the meeting. What I learned has helped me to improve my faith fitness.


God’s Anniversary Gift to Me

09-18-2016Parish LifeSr. Josita

Last month I celebrated 50 years of consecrated service to God and God's people as a Sister of Christian Charity. I first met the sisters of this community in grade school. My family lived in Winter Park, FL and I was immediately drawn to them because of their obvious joy in their vocation, their charism of love for God and for each other, and for all of us they were serving in ministry.


Eucharistic Adoration: Feeling God’s Presence

09-18-2016Eucharistic Adoration

Adoration can be compared to sun-bathing—we sit, receive, and are changedby simply being in God’s presence. But what if you are distracted and don’t feellike the Lord is doing anything for you? This experience of prayer could be compared to spending an overcast day at the beach. It may not seem like you aregetting any sun, but if you leave off your sun-screen, you will soon feel howwrong you have been.

God’s 'rays', just like those of the sun, still 'touch' us, even if we cannot perceive them. Our feelings are not always in conformity with reality. Even ifwe experience distraction and restlessness—God is still at work.

An Unexpected Journey

09-11-2016ChristLifeBruce Debacco

Last February I was asked to facilitate a table discussion at a meeting introducing ChristLife. I was given a brief overview of what ChristLife was about, but at the time I had no idea what a powerful impact it could have on a person's life (including my own). After the meeting I was asked to be a facilitator for ChristLife in September. Again, little did I know of the journey I was about to embark upon.


Why I go to Eucharistic Adoration

09-11-2016Encountering ChristAnne Marie Kelly

Eucharistic Adoration is very important to me. It gives me time alone with God so that I can talk directly to Him and tell Him how grateful I am for all that He has done for me. I really feel such a closeness to Him, which allows me to talk about my faults with Him--I know now how much He desires to forgive me of my sins. His mercy is never-ending; it will be here with me for as long as I am on the earth. The Lord showed His mercy to me when I had my heart attack several years ago – I could have died that night but since He is the Savior of the World, He saved me. He constantly encouraging me to accept His mercy – it is always there so I can survive anything.


Eucharistic Adoration: Fullness of Joy

09-11-2016Eucharistic Adoration

Faith: The Handmaid of Joy

The recently canonized St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta had a great love for Jesus in the Eucharist, so much so that she spent two hours a day in adoration. One might think that she devoted this time to prayer because great joy and peace flooded her soul—but the opposite was actually true. She, like many other saints, experienced darkness and difficulty in her prayer. St. Mother Teresa recognized that deep prayer goes beyond simply making us feel good, asking God to help us, or even asking Him to grant favors for our loved ones. To pray, in the truest sense, means 'to be with Jesus'—to stay near Him who we know loves us and who we desire to love in return. This awareness produces joy. We may not always be sensibly aware of God's deep love for us, but our faith assures us that this is true.

The Lord seeks to love you. Come be with the Lord.

True Discipleship

09-04-2016ChristLifeLynn Ruezinsky

Over the past decade at my home parish (St. Bernard of Clairvaux), I’ve studied and developed a zeal for both the New Evangelization and the role that small faith groups can play in revitalizing our faith. When I learned about the ChristLife program and how it brings these two passions of mine together, I knew I had to do what I could to support the effort. My focus was on bringing others to Christ, but my own relationship with Him wasn’t as deep as I wanted it to be. I hoped this effort would bring me closer to Jesus, too; and it did not disappoint!


Boredom and Distraction: Gateways to Peace

09-04-2016Eucharistic Adoration

Does it seem scandalous to admit this-that you could find spending time withGod to be less than enthralling? Yet so it is. Boredom can often be a real stumbling block in attending Eucharistic Adoration. But have you ever askedyourself why silence, why not having something to do, why just being ‘withyourself’ is so uncomfortable?

God not only speaks to us in beautiful thoughts and poetic prayers but also inour discomfort and…even in our distractions. Let Him speak to you by askingyourself these questions. By asking Him to reveal His truth to you.

The Lord seeks to speak to you in your distractions. Come be with the Lord.

Receiving the Gift of God’s Love

09-04-2016Parish LifeJustine Worden

Accepting love has never been easy for me. Perhaps it is a product of wanting to feel self-sufficient. Sometimes this stands in the way of my ability to deepen my relationships, and my relationship with God is no exception. Thankfully, God's love found its way into my heart through people that, out of necessity, knows how to accept love: our sisters and brothers experiencing poverty. Last summer I spent two months in rural Dominican Republic, where I was forced to accept help when I was sick and wasn't sure how to express myself in Spanish. My host community showed me that although they didn't have much, they would give me everything they had and more.