Receiving the Gift of God’s Love

09-04-2016Parish LifeJustine Worden

Accepting love has never been easy for me. Perhaps it is a product of wanting to feel self-sufficient. Sometimes this stands in the way of my ability to deepen my relationships, and my relationship with God is no exception. Thankfully, God's love found its way into my heart through people that, out of necessity, knows how to accept love: our sisters and brothers experiencing poverty. Last summer I spent two months in rural Dominican Republic, where I was forced to accept help when I was sick and wasn't sure how to express myself in Spanish. My host community showed me that although they didn't have much, they would give me everything they had and more.

While I didn't realize it at the time, this was God's way of showing me how deeply He loves me. A year later, I realize that in my time of need, God showed Himself to me in a people who made me chicken soup and fresh juice, knowing that the ingredients for both are more expensive than they can afford. To me, this speaks clearly of the kind of love Christ offers us, and the kind of love He calls us to return. Christ gives us everything He has and more. Christ loves us with the kind of love we cannot afford, and does so willingly. Likewise, Christ calls us, like those experiencing poverty, to not only accept that kind of love, but also to return it.

Justine Worden is an undergraduate student at Georgetown University and a life-long parishioner at St. Magdalen's.