Becoming Fit in Your Faith

09-18-2016ChristLifeBarb Urcinas

In his homily a few weekends ago, Deacon Stephen spoke about how entering the narrow gate requires us to be fit. But how do we become fit? Pushups and interval training aren’t mentioned in the Bible. One way to become more fit in our faith will begin here at St. Magdalen’s on September 20, with the ChristLife initiative.

When I was invited to attend the first meeting for ChristLife, I didn’t know what to expect. I was rather busy with religious education and choir already –was there time in the schedule for another activity? But I was curious – this was different from a bible study, and there would be dessert! I decided to attend the meeting. What I learned has helped me to improve my faith fitness.

Growing up Catholic, I had learned about my faith, but there was never mention of having a relationship with Jesus. In 2005, my husband Dave and I, with our children, accompanied the St Magdalen’s Youth Group to World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany, and I began to understand that I was a pilgrim on a journey to a life with Jesus. In the past eleven years, I’ve continued to look for opportunities to broaden my knowledge of my faith and to ope nmy heart to the message of Jesus.

ChristLife is one of those opportunities. It is not an activity. It is an invitation to a deeper relationship with Jesus. The agenda includes videos, discussions, and yes, dessert. (I checked – it’s true!) Taking part in these conversations about how to build and nourish a relationship with Jesus has helped me delve deeper into my faith, and has introduced me to new friends,too. I invite you to join me on this journey to faith fitness.