God’s Anniversary Gift to Me

09-18-2016Parish LifeSr. Josita

Last month I celebrated 50 years of consecrated service to God and God's people as a Sister of Christian Charity. I first met the sisters of this community in grade school. My family lived in Winter Park, FL and I was immediately drawn to them because of their obvious joy in their vocation, their charism of love for God and for each other, and for all of us they were serving in ministry.

My dad was in the Navy so my family moved around many times (little did I know this was preparing me for my future in religious life!). I was the oldest and had two brothers and two sisters. I began my formation in religious life in 1965. After studying in St. Louis, MO I entered into parish and school ministry in 1971. Over these years I was involved in a number of ministries: teaching 7th and 8th grade in four different schools, being a Director of Religious Education in two parishes and then a principle of one of our parish schools for five years. In the coming years I was also on the leadership team of our province for 8 years and then worked in retreat ministry at our Mother house.

During my last two years as a principle, I went through a tough struggle within myself. Ultimately, it led me to an experience that would change my life in many ways. Consequently, I entered a spiritual formation program that helped me learn ways to accompany others on their spiritual journey.

I look back on my life in ministry and realize that in each one, as a teacher, DRE, and principal, I focused on fostering the spiritual life of all those I served. I am very excited to be here at St. Magdalen's and I feel that my opportunity to grow with this parish is God's jubilee gift to me.