God’s Merciful Love

08-21-2016Encountering ChristPete Dillman

It took an illness of sudden onset and subsequent months of confusion, agony, remorse, suffering and deep reflection and prayer to realize just how far away I was from Jesus and how desperate I was for God's Mercy in my life. The fact that I am still alive and grateful to be so is – in large part – due to an awakening in me that allowed His Mercy to permeate my soul.

Before the illness, I had written a song, "Tender Mercy" – based on Psalm 103, for our group, Crossroads, to sing at the Diocesan Divine Mercy Conference earlier this year. Little did I realize – at the time – the critical need to follow my own words. I am in the process of using my personal journey of recovery to build a bridge of Faith to God, trusting that his Mercy will strengthen my hope and carry me across to His eternal love. I now frequently attend Eucharistic Adoration, pray the rosary and speak to the Lord as often as I can. Recently, the words "Stay close to me, Peter" came into my head during a period of silence. I have no doubt where it came from. Thanks to the Lord's Mercy, I will endeavor to "stay close" to Jesus for the rest of my life.