Why Having a Relationship with Christ Matters

08-28-2016ChristLifeMarie Bacino

I was born and raised in the Catholic faith, but never really felt close to Jesus. I knew that He loved me, but I hadn’t experienced a true “relationship” with Him. Having a relationship with someone means that you open yourself up to them. You can receive friendship and love,but you also can become vulnerable, and get hurt. It takes caring and effort to have a true relationship with someone, and that can scare people away from even trying. I think I was scared of having a relationship with Jesus. I think I felt that I was unworthy, or not good enough to love Him the way that He loves me. I thought that it would take a lot of work and that I had to be the “perfect” Catholic. I asked myself “Would He reject me?”

When my older son received his first penance I decided to go to confession for the first time, after almost 20 years of not doing so. Seeing my son so happy after his confession made me realize that I wanted that closeness with Jesus as well. After that experience, I realized that there was so much I didn’t know about our faith. The more I learned, the more I discovered that some of my feelings of brokenness and unworthiness were based on my misunderstandings of what it truly means to be Catholic. The caring and supportive relationships I share with the other members of the ChristLife program have helped me so much to grow stronger in my love of Jesus and for all that He has done for me.

Why does having a relationship with Christ matter in my life? It matters because I know that He loves me, and that Iam truly worthy of that love, as are all of us!