Called to Mission

08-14-2016Parish LifeKenzie Lane

Growing up I attended noon time Mass every Sunday with my dad. I attended high school at North Hunterdon and met some great friends who encouraged me to join and volunteer at the Rescue Squad when I was 16. I've been hooked on helping others ever since.

I went on to become a NJ State Certified EMT and worked for Atlantic Health Systems in Morris County responding to emergent 911 calls. In 2010, my mother passed away and I moved in with my dad and joined the Flemington Raritan First Aid & Rescue squad. Helping people in their time of need just came naturally to me. I then got hired as a patient care technician in the emergency room at Hunterdon Medical Center. God has always taught us to help others and I can honestly say volunteering in the medical community is my calling. I had been looking at mission trips for years. I recently came back from Ireland in March and decided that for my 24th birthday I wanted to do something meaningful. I found a medical mission trip outside of Accra, Ghana for a week and knew it was perfect. Not only will I be celebrating my birthday volunteering for a week in their medical clinic, I'll also get to learn about their healthcare and culture. Outside of Accra, medical care declines rapidly and there's not always running water and enough people to staff the clinics. With the help of volunteers, it's able to run more smoothly. I'm so excited, and I know that God helped me find this.

Kenzie will be volunteering for a medical mission at the Frankadua Roman Catholic Clinic in Accra, Ghana the week of August 15th.