God Never Gives Up on Us

08-07-2016ChristLifeMichaelyn Hein

A few years ago, I developed a very intimate relationship with Jesus. Through God's grace, I discovered in amazement that a regular person like me could have a real relationship with Him. I marveled when I heard His voice and at the ways in which He tended to my tiniest needs.

But, then, for many reasons, I pulled away. When I felt an urge to pray, I turned to something "worldly" instead, because praying was suddenly too difficult. Eventually, I felt so far from Jesus that I wasn't sure how to return. I wanted His very real presence in my life again, but I believed I'd lost my chance. That He had rightly given up on me.

I asked Mary to help me and that same week, I received an invitation to ChristLife. I had no idea what it was, but when I saw that the series title was "Discovering Christ," I knew it was the help I'd asked for, because that's exactly what I'd wanted – to re-discover my Savior.

I'm certain Jesus used ChristLife to help me find Him again. Now, when I meet with the other ChristLife facilitators, I feel His presence. When I interact with my children or husband, I feel His guidance. When I sit in prayer, I "hear" His voice again. Though I frequently fail, Jesus reminds me that His love and mercy are always greater than my failures, and that contrary to my original concerns, He never gives up on us.