Letting the Lord Lead

08-14-2016ChristLifeSharon Oddy

When I first heard about ChristLife and learned that they wanted me to be a facilitator, I was confused. I am religious and I am raising my family in the Catholic faith – as I was raised – but I am extremely busy with my life, work and family. And, while I am deeply faithful, I didn't know what level of spiritually was needed to be a successful facilitator; I wasn't sure that I was the right person. Quite frankly, I knew others, who I felt were much better suited to carry this message.

Yet, there I was, at the first meeting (in the back row needless to say) getting information and trying to make sense of it all. What I learned is that we all have a level of faith, openness and insight. That we all have questions, a thirst for learning, a desire to be taught and the capacity to teach. I realized that when you are seeking to be a truly faithful disciple of the Lord, you follow because He knows what you need, when you need it and, if you are willing, He will put you where you need to be to live a more faithful and fulfilling life.

ChristLife has reminded me about the power of faith, fellowship and spirituality and I encourage others to join the program in September so that they, too, can experience that power firsthand.