Becoming Aware Of Jesus’ Presence

07-03-2016ChristLifeRegina York

In February I attended an information meeting for ChristLife. After the introductory presentation we were asked to prayerfully consider how we might get involved. As the crowd started moving, I very clearly heard a voice in the back of my head saying, "Go be a facilitator". No way, I thought. I already have way too much on my plate with work and family obligations. Let me find something else. Then I realized that God had another plan for me. It was like there was a magnet pulling me towards the facilitators group. My initial hesitation was rooted in fear, and fear does not come from God. I knew that somehow I would find the time to make it work.

Since I've been involved with ChristLife, I've become so much more aware of Christ's presence in my daily life. I find Him in the support and inspiration I get from my fellow Christ-Life facilitators. He is the friend I go to with a problem or to share some good news with. He is the brother I talk to on my drive home from work. He is the love I see in my family when we are sitting around the dinner table. He is the peace I feel in my heart when I receive the Eucharist. I'm excited to meet the people that God will bring into my life when ChristLife starts in the Fall. I trust that He will give me what I need to do this.