Being Changed by Christ’s Presence

07-17-2016ChristLifeLiz Rainey

Tuesday night has become my favorite night of the week. It's my 'holy happy hour and a half.' On Tuesday night, I meet with my brothers and sisters of the ChristLife facilitators committee. We pray, share, listen to God's word, and discuss Christ in our life. What a joy it is to be with other children of God; our common bond is our love for God.

I yearn for and pray for more of Christ in my life. More than just Sunday Mass. Several months ago Father Tim sent me a letter stating that someone from the core ChristLife committee would be contacting me with more information about ChristLife. I attended an information session and decided I wanted to embrace this invitation, so I joined the facilitators committee. I was being called by God. This was an answer to my prayer and my desire to have a deeper relationship with Christ.

Since answering God's call to join ChristLife, I have been changed. I spend more of my time allowing myself to be with God, as much as he wants me to be with Him. I have opened myself up to more prayer, more reading of Scripture, and more time thinking about and discussing God and my faith. I have also committed myself to an hour of adoration. Only good things come from spending more time in a relationship with God. I know He loves me, He is merciful and He calms my fears for I know that Salvation is His gift to me. If you're looking for truth, happiness and fellowship, come to ChristLife. You'll be amazed at God's grace working in your life.